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“Old Ways Won't Open New Doors”


Our Services

Why are YOU here today? Because you have a question! Let US find the answers TOGETHER.

Third Party Property Management

  • Self-Storage management experience since 1993.
  • Flexibility based on property type or owner preference.
  • Managed in AR, KS, NM, NV, OK and TX.
  • Open to conversation about any state.
  • Experienced staff, home office in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Relationship based - both with owners and employees.
  • Your employees, your brand - your logo.
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Consulting Services

  • See what we are doing in 2021.
  • Nationwide support.
  • Competition Studies: save money, more accurate.
  • Feasibility Studies: your information, not “filler.”
  • Facility Audits: detailed and specific to your facility.
  • Acquisition Inspection Reports: both physical and financial.
  • Start-up of new developments.
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Development Services

  • See what we are doing in 2021.
  • Work with your design group, or help you find one.
  • 5,000 – 100,000 square foot developments.
  • Climate, non-climate, warehouse, boat / RV.
  • Transition from Development to Operations.
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About Donald Jones Consulting & Service, LLC

Providing Guidance into the Self-Storage Industry

Donald and I are not only partners in the business, but also in life. We were married in 1994. We have been blessed with two fabulous children of our own and added another into our family by marriage. Mathew, Nicole, and our son-in-law Jonathan, bring us so much joy and encouragement as we travel around the country helping others with storage. After working for a large Storage REIT for 11 years, 6 of those as a Marketing Company President, Donald saw a hole in the market between the large REITS and an owner who wants to be involved, but does not know how to proceed on their own. We decided to open our own business in 2004 to help fill that gap. We are aware of and conscious of your investment and time. We want to be a direct influence over your success.

We have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and provide consulting in all aspects of the Self-Storage Industry including those listed below:

Property Management, Feasibility Studies, Acquisitions, Competition Analysis, Property Inspections, and Development to lease up.

Our goal is to improve your industry knowledge and support your primary objectives.

Client Testimonials

See what our clients are saying about us

The DJCS team helps me every day, like an extension of my staff! Well worth the management fee they charge. I cannot thank them enough!


I have worked with Donald on a variety of development projects over the last few years. I am a ground up developer that relies on his expertise to either accept or reject a potential project. Both responses are equally important and in some instances the fact that he has rejected potential projects has been more valuable than green lighting the ones that we have done. Bottom line Donald has been a valuable part of my team and will continue to be into the foreseeable future. I do not recommend people lightly, however in the case of what Donald and his team bring to a project I have been confident in referring him to multiple people.

-Aaron Davis
SBM Real Estate Services

I have been fortunate to have Donald Jones as an advisor for the entirety of my professional self-storage career. Donald’s experience and unflappable style make him indispensable when dealing with the ins and outs of self-storage.

I will not look at a deal without some sort of review with Donald Jones. I would highly recommend Donald for all aspects of storage from acquisition and disposition and especially successful operation and Management.

-Mike Castleman
Castleman Capital, LLC

We have been working with Donald Jones Consulting since 2014. I met Donald Jones when he assisted us in the purchase of a self storage facility. He did such an outstanding job and his knowledge of the self storage industry was so impressive that I decided to hire him to manage the facility. Donald’s many years in the industry give him a unique perspective and sharp analytical skills. Based on his advice we expanded the facility and the expansion hit 100% occupancy within 8 months.

Donald’s team does an outstanding job of managing the day to day operations. They handle all accounting and banking, including preparing year end statements for our CPA. He and his team are always extremely responsive to all our requests. They excel in the area of training and motivating our employees.

Donald Jones and his team have exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend them.

-Mike Tuchman