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Development Services

Develop Right / Reduce Risk

At the end of every development, it is warranted to look back and wish you had done some things different. That is how we learn and we grow. However, we can reduce the number of things you wish you had done different. If we participate soon enough, we can improve the experience for the Owner, the Manager, and the Tenant.

The Right Team

The Civil Engineer and the Architect are critical in the development process. Spending larger dollars does not equate to a better project. Spending dollars with EXPERIENCED self-storage professionals will speed up the process and give you a much better product. We can support you in finding these professionals.

There are many steel companies to choose from. We can make introductions and ultimately let you decide what is best for you. Every developer is different, we support that as you move closer to construction.

National Support

We are working development deals today in: California, Maine, Connecticut, Oklahoma, and New York. Also in Crandall, Dallas, Freeport, Houston, Midlothian, Mineola, Odessa, Wichita Falls, and San Antonio, TX.

Develop with a Purpose

We are here to support a project that can be profitable. We are conservative by nature and in development. We look at YOUR budget and help to guide you in a way that is financially safe for you. We work with way more persons doing $2 MM projects than $10 MM projects. We can certainly listen and provide you with support.


Davis Self Storage & RV

This facility is located in Parker, TX. The original owner had a landscape business with 5-acres. He had developed 2-large buildings for enclosed parking and 2-large buildings for covered parking and still had 3-acres left. However, he wanted to buy the property next door to develop storage. Together we came up with a plan and developed the balance of his 3-acres with no additional land costs. Overall, we improved the existing storage and literally doubled his rates on the existing product over time. The property is now on its 3rd owner and will see success for years to come.

Pflugerville Self Storage

This is a suburb of Austin. We purchased 5-acres in a community that they let the covenants and restrictions expire. Since building, this area is moving to commercial rather than residential one lot at a time. We built a single phase – 120,000 GSF, single story, Climate, Non-Climate and enclosed parking facility. The property sold in 18 months to the current owner.

Immediately after this development another client purchased 5-acres immediately behind this property and built 9-office warehouse buildings and placed them in a condo association. All 9 buildings are sold in less than one year of development.

My Garage Self Storage - Stonecrest

Flower Mound, TX is one of “those” cities. They are horrible in approving a project. They are miserable in approving the plans. And they do everything to ruin the contractor’s life through construction. This 3-story, 97,000 SF development took over 3 years before we began leasing in March 2021.